The musical language of Pesach
Language: English

Session: With Pesach coming up, we will take a look and listen to some of the famous tunes associated with this festive holiday. We will explore music in the Haggadah, as well as Hallel psalms and biblical chant associated with Pesach. There will be an opportunity also to share some of your tunes from your own celebrations of Pesach!

Bio: Ordained as a Cantor in 2005 at the Academy for Jewish Religion in New York, Dorothy Goldberg has served both Reform and Conservative congregations in Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Today she lives in Copenhagen and works with rabbi Rebecca Lillian as the cantor for Shir Hatzafon in Copenhagen, Denmark. She also has many years of training and performing as a professional singer in classical, jazz and folk settings.

Dorothy has a special interest and training in end of life issues and has served as a hospice and hospital chaplain, and is on a Disaster Spiritual Care Team for the Red Cross