Dear presenter,

With a little help from you we hope to cope with all the possible technical problems we know will (not) arise during ÖresundsLimmud 2024.
All rooms on the premises of ÖresundsLimmud 2024 are equipped with digital projectors with standard HDMI  connection and standard 3.5 mm audio connection. 
When you bring your own laptop (PC) or Mac (Apple), please check om den är utrsustad med en standard HDMI-anslutning/port (se bild).
We simply want to make sure that you can display your pictures/videos during ÖresundsLimmud 2019. That’s why we ask you to fill the form below. Do not forget to enter the protection code in the last form field before pressing Send. Internet is available in every room.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send a message to

Thank you for your help.

Fornavn og efternavn/First and last name
I don’t plan to display any pictures/videos
I will only display pictures/photos (PPT) – no sound needed
I will display videos – (both pictures/photos and sound)

I will bring my own laptop/Mac
I will NOT bring my own laptop/Mac

I have a suitable adapter to connect to VGA and 3,5 mm audio
I do NOT have any adapter/converter

If you bring your own laptop/Mac and do NOT have any adapter, please specify exactly your laptop/Mac model.

Meddelelse / Message

IMPORTANT! Please enter 12345 in the filed below in order to avoid spam.