Beyond Aliyah: Transnationalization of Danish Jewish (Post)Diasporic Migration and Community
Language: English

Session: Despite their strong impact on the Danish Jewish community, Danish Jewish transnational migrations to and between Israel have been largely neglected by the migration research. Drawing on interviews I have collected with Danish Jewish migrants in Denmark and in Israel over the past five years in this talk I trace the changing nature of these migrations over the past decades and their impacts on the present and future of Jewry in Denmark.

Bio: Originally from Slovakia, I have lived in six other countries across three continents before coming to Denmark. Along the way I became trained in the United States as a migration and urban geographer, with passion for understanding issues of citizenship, belonging and difference, relations between migration and cities, governance of integration, as well as all things Jewish. In my recent work I have been examining diasporic mobility of Danish Jewry, remaking of cities through migration industries, and the covid19 pandemic’s impact on the organizations working with homeless migrants in Copenhagen. I work as an Associate Professor at Roskilde University and live in Copenhagen with my family.