Understanding Israelis- a quick guide to the Israeli mind
Language: English

Session: There’s a difference between understanding Israel’s position and understanding why Israelis think the way they think. Come learn how culture, history, geography, demographics and much more have shaped the modern Israeli mind. Don’t just hear what they say they see – get a peak to the world through their eyes.

Bio: Tom Wexler, 32 years, born in Tel Aviv Israel.
Served as a combat medic on the border with Gaza, and studied dentistry at the Hebrew university of Jerusalem.
During his time as a student, he volunteered in the student Union to be responsible for the foreign students (meet and greet, show around, and answer any questions they might have(. It was here that Tom created the “Ask Tom About Israel” project, where people can talk freely about Israel, the Middle East and anything they might want to know freely, openly, and without fear of being judged. Tom is a strong believer in “teaching” rather than “lecturing”, turning his lectures into an interesting talk with the audience.
Tom currently lives in Copenhagen with his wife and son, and works as a dentist.