Sacred Feminisme
Language: English

Session: Women’s place in Halacha (Jewish law) and leadership explore the evolution of the role of Jewish women in the synagogue and Jewish leadership—taking a close look at the painful ways women were historically excluded from sacred spaces, the surprising ways women have made their voices heard throughout history, and the sacred work that lies ahead.

Bio: Yochi was born in Safed and raised in the Orthodox environment.
Served IDF as a commander in the Nativ Military Course – teaching Judaism and Zionism to new immigrants and non-Jewish soldiers.
Following her military service, Yochi studied Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies at Bar Ilan University.
Yochi joined Women of the Wall in 2016 as Director of Education and Community Outreach and in 2019, was appointed Executive Director of the organization.
Yochi’s identity as an Orthodox woman and feminist shows that a woman may indeed possess both attributes. Married and the mother of 2 girls, Yochi strives to make Jerusalem and Israel more tolerant places for her daughter’s generation and beyond.