The Holocaust of the Ukrainian Jews – History reflected in the tragedy of one family
Language: English

Session: When we think about the holocaust and then grim faith of the European Jews during the 2nd World War, the picture that comes to mind is the one of two long railways entering a big brown-brick gate with a watch tower on its head, the entrance to Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp. Much before, when Nazi Germany launched Operation Barbarossa i.e the invasion to the Soviet Union, systematic murder of local Jewish populations initiated immediately following the invasion. In this lecture, we will tell the almost unknown story of the Jews of the Ukraine in the eyes of the lecturer’s family members. A story to be told and never to be forgotten.

Bio: Alon Schneider Hait is a medical doctor doing a Ph.D. in infectious diseases in Aarhus, Denmark. Previous to his medical studies he was a combat soldier and a medical officer in the 75th Armored corps battalion of the IDF, serving in the 2nd Lebanon War and the Gaza operations of 2006-9.