Jewish Feminism – What is it All About?
Language: English

Session: I will speak about the main issues in which Jewish Feminism is unique. Issues of multi-traditions, Halacha, denominations and their impact on women within the Jewish sphere.
Is Jewish Feminism an evolution, or revolution? What has been achieved and what are the most important and critical challenges in the future.

Bio: Born 1955in Jerusalem to Prof. Ephraim E. Urbach z’l’ and Chanah Urbach. Married to Gedalia. Parents of 3 and grandparents of 5.Lives in the religious kibbutz – Ein Hanatziv.
Head of Bet Midrash – Midreshet Ein Hanatziv (first Yeshiva for women in Israel).

B.A and M.A from Hebrew University in Jewish Philosophy and History. Graduate of the School for Educational Leadership – of the Mandel Foundation in Jerusalem. (2000-2001). M.A from Bar Ilan University at the Gender Studies Program. Ordained for Rabbanut – Semicha.
Active member in “Kolech” – forum of religious feminist women in Israel for 6 years, and served as the head of Kolech for 4 years.
Served on Shlichut in the Netherlands.

Lectured and taught in communities and conferences in many communities both in Israel and abroad. Involved in leading forums of education and social issues.