Judisk PRIDE Parade i Göteborg
Språk: svenska

Session:This August the Jewish community in Gothenburg participated in the Pride Parade for the first time. I will talk about why we decided to organise a Jewish section in the Pride Parade and why it was important to attend as a Jewish community.

Today when gay people have the same rights as everyone else, many people have asked why Jewish communities in Scandinavia need to show our presense in the Pride Parade. This is a question I will illuminate from different perspectives. As Scandinavian Jews, we are already a minority group, to be gay and Jewish means an even smaller minority within the Jewish minority.

Bio: I’m 26 years old and work as a nurse. I’ve always been active with the Jewish community especially within Bnei Akiva. Today I am the chairman for the studentboard in Gothenburg. Last summer I arranged Pride for the Jewish Community.